Richard Forrest
Richard Stockton Forrest
Lyon Wentworth, a children’s book author, and Bea Wentworth, a state senator, in Connecticut:

A Child’s Garden of Death (1975)

The Wizard of Death (1977)

Death Through the Looking Glass (1978)

The Death in the Willows (1979)

The Death at Yew Corner (1981)

Death Under the Lilacs (1985)

Death on the Mississippi (1989)

The Pied Piper of Death (1997)

Death in the Secret Garden (2005)

Death at King Arthur’s Court (2006)


Who Killed Mr. Garland’s Mistress? (1974)
Finalist 1975 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

The Killing Edge (1980)

Lark (1986)

Written as Stockton Woods

The Laughing Man (1980)

Game Bet (1981)

The Man Who Heard Too Much (1983)

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