Jacques Futrelle
Augustus “The Thinking Machine” S.F.X. Van Dusen, a professor in Boston, Massachusetts:

The Chase of the Golden Plate (1906)

The Thinking Machine [SS] (1907)
APA: The Problem of Cell 13 (1918)

The Thinking Machine on the Case [SS] (1908)
APA: The Professor on the Case (1909)

Best “Thinking Machine” Detective Stories [SS] (1973)

Great Cases of the Thinking Machine [SS] (1976)


The Simple Case of Susan (1908)
APA: Lieutenant What’s His Name (1915) [expanded by wife, L. May Peel Futrelle]

The Diamond Master (1909)

Elusive Isabel (1909)
APA: The Lady in the Case (1910)

The High Hand (1911)
APA: The Master Hand (1914)

My Lady’s Garter (1912)

Blind Man’s Buff (1914)

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