Reg Gadney
Alan Rosslyn, a private investigator in England and elsewhere in Europe:

Just When We Are Safest (1995)

The Achilles Heel (1996)

Mother, Son and Holy Ghost (1998)

Strange Police (2000)

Immaculate Deception (2006)


Drawn Blanc (1970)

Somewhere in England (1971)

Seduction of a Tall Man (1972)

Something Worth Fighting For (1974)

The Last Hours Before Dawn (1975)
APA: Victoria (1975)

The Champagne Marxist (1977)
APA: The Cage (1977)

Nightshade (1987)

The Scholar of Extortion (2003)

The Woman in Silk (2011)
[written as R.J. Gadney]

Other fiction:

Albert Einstein Speaking (2018)  
[written as R.J. Gadney]


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