Randall Garrett
Gordon Randall Phillip David Garrett
Lord Darcy, Chief Investigator for the Duke of Normandy, in contemporary times of an alternative history Anglo-French empire where the laws of magic prevail1:

Too Many Magicians2 (1966)

Murder and Magic2 (1979) [SS]

Lord Darcy Investigates2 (1981) [SS]


Unwise Child (1962)
APA: Starship Death (1982)

Anything You Can Do…3 (1969)
APA: Earth Invader (1983)

The Best of Randall Garrett4 (1982)

Written as Mark Phillips
(joint pseudonym of Randall Garrett & Larry M. Harris)
Kenneth Malone, in then-future 1970s New York City:

Brain Twister (1962)

The Impossibles (1963)

Supermind (1963)

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