Andrew Garve
Paul Winterton

No Tears for Hilda (1950)

No Mask for Murder (1950)
APA: Fontego’s Folly (1950)

Murder in Moscow (1951)
APA: Murder Through the Looking Glass (1952)

A Press of Suspects (1951)
APA: By-Line for Murder (1951)

A Hole in the Ground (1952)

The Cuckoo Line Affair (1953)

Death and the Sky Above (1953)

The Riddle of Samson (1954)

The End of the Track (1955)

The Megstone Plot (1956)

The Narrow Search (1957)

The Galloway Case (1958)

A Hero for Leanda (1959)

The Far Sands (1960)

The Golden Deed (1960)

The House of Soldiers (1961)

Prisoner’s Friend (1962)

The Sea Monks (1963)

Frame-Up (1964)

The Ashes of Loda (1965)

Murderer’s Fen (1966)
APA: Hide and Go Seek (1966)

A Very Quiet Place (1967)

The Long Short Cut (1968)

The Ascent of D-13 (1969)

Boomerang (1969)

The Late Bill Smith (1971)

The Case of Robert Quarry (1972)

The File on Lester (1974)
APA: The Lester Affair (1974)
Finalist 1975 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Home To Roost (1976)

Counterstroke (1978)

Written as Roger Bax
Inspector James in England:

Blueprint for Murder (1948)
APA: The Trouble with Murder (1948)

A Grave Case of Murder (1951)

Written as Roger Bax

Death Beneath Jerusalem (1938)

Red Escapade (1940)

Disposing of Henry (1947)

Came the Dawn (1949)
APA: Two if by Sea (1949)

Written as Paul Somers
Hugh Curtis:

Beginner’s Luck (1958)

Operation Piracy (1958)

The Shivering Mountain (1959)

Written as Paul Somers

The Broken Jigsaw (1961)