Kenneth Giles
Harry James, a detective sergeant, later inspector at Scotland Yard, based in London, England:

Some Beasts No More (1965)

A Provenance of Death (1966)
APA: Picture of Death (1970)
Finalist 1966 Gold Dagger Award

Death and Mr. Prettyman (1967)

Death in Diamonds (1967)

Death Among the Stars (1968)

Death Cracks a Bottle (1969)

A Death in the Church (1970)

Murder Pluperfect (1970)

A File on Death (1973)


The Big Greed (1966)

Written as Edmund McGirr
Jim Piron, a private investigator at the Detective Agency run by the Old Man, in New York City:

The Funeral Was in Spain (1966)

A Hearse with Horses (1967)

Here Lies My Wife (1967)

The Lead-Lined Coffin (1968)

An Entry of Death (1969)

Death Pays the Wages (1970)

No Better Fiend (1971)

Bardel’s Murder (1973)

A Murderous Journey (1974)

Written as Charles Drummond
Bob Reed, a police sergeant under a disciplinary cloud, used for odd jobs by Scotland Yard, in London, England:

Death at the Furlong Post (1967)

Death and the Leaping Ladies (1968)

The Odds on Death (1969)
Finalist 1969 Gold Dagger Award

Stab in the Back (1970)

A Death at the Bar (1972)

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