Robert Goddard
Harry Barnett, a middle-aged English caretaker in Greece:

Into the Blue (1990)

Out of the Sun (1996)

Never Go Back (2006)

James “Max” Maxted, a former British Great War flying ace, involved in the post-war turmoil in 1919:

The Ways of the World (2013)

The Corners of the Globe (2014)

The Ends of the Earth (2015)

A Game of Zeros (2017)


Past Caring (1986)

In Pale Battalions (1988)

Painting the Darkness (1989)

Take No Farewell (1991)
APA: Debt of Dishonor (1992)

Hand in Glove (1992)

Closed Circle (1993)

Borrowed Time (1995)

Beyond Recall (1997)
Finalist 1999 Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel

Caught in the Light (1998)

Set in Stone (1999)

Sea Change (2000)

Dying To Tell (2001)

Days Without Number (2003)

Play to the End (2004)

Sight Unseen (2005)

Name to a Face (2007)

Found Wanting (2008)

Long Time Coming (2010) [review]
2011 Edgar Award for Best Paperback
Finalist 2011 Anthony Award for Best Paperback

Blood Count (2011)

Fault Line (2012)