Leonard Goldberg
Joanna Blalock, a forensic pathologist in Los Angeles, California:

Deadly Medicine (1992)

Deadly Practice (1994)

Deadly Care (1996)

Deadly Harvest (1997)

Deadly Exposure (1998)

Lethal Measures (2000)

Fatal Care (2001)

Brainwaves (2002)

Fever Cell (2003)

Dr. David Ballineau, a Los Angeles emergency room chief and Special Forces veteran, and his girlfriend, nurse Carolyn Ross:

Patient One (2012)

Plague Ship (2013)

Joanna Blaock, a practicing nurse and the secret daughter of Sherlock Holmes, who solves crimes with Dr. John Watson, Jr., beginning in 1914, in the Daughter of Sherlock Holmes mysteries:

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes (2017)

A Study in Treason (2018)

The Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth (2019)

The Art of Deception (2020)

The Abduction of Pretty Penny (2021)

The Blue Diamond (2022)

The Wayward Prince (2023)


Transplant (1980)

The Cure (1982)

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