Sally Goldenbaum
Po Paltrow, a writer and quilter, and the Queen Bees quilting group, in the fictitious college town of Crestwood, Kansas:

Murders on Elderberry Road (2003)
APA: A Patchwork of Clues (2019)  

A Murder of Taste (2004)
APA: A Thread of Darkness (2019)

Murder on a Starry Night (2005)
APA: A Bias for Murder (2019)

Isabel “Izzy” Chambers, a lawyer who leaves Boston to open the Seaside Knitting Studio, in Sea Harbor, Massachusetts:

Death by Cashmere (2008)

Patterns in the Sand (2009)

Moon Spinners (2010)

A Holiday Yarn (2010)

The Wedding Shawl (2011)

A Fatal Fleece (2012)

Angora Alibi (2013)

Murder in Merino (2014)

A Finely Knit Murder (2015)

Trimmed with Murder (2015)

Murder at Lambswool Farm (2016)

Murder Wears Mittens (2017)

How To Knit a Murder (2018)

A Murderous Tangle (2019)

A Crime of a Different Stripe (2020)

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