The Gordons
Mildred Nixon Gordon [1905-1979] & Gordon Gordon [1906-2002]
John Ripley, an FBI agent in Chicago, Arizona, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC:

FBI Story (1950)

Case File: FBI (1953)

Captive (1957)

Operation Terror (1961)
APA: Experiment in Terror (1962) [movie tie-in]

The Informant (1973)

It Could Happen! (2000)

D.C. Randall, a Persian cat in Los Angeles, California:

Undercover Cat (1963)
APA: That Darn Cat (1966) [movie tie-in]

Undercover Cat Prowls Again (1966)

Catnapped: The Further Adventures of Undercover Cat (1974)

Gail and Mitch, newlyweds in Los Angeles, California:

Night Before the Wedding (1969)

Night After the Wedding (1979)


The Little Man Who Wasn’t There (1946)
[written by Mildred Gordon]

Make Haste To Live (1950)

Campaign Train (1952)
APA: Murder Rides the Campaign Train (1956)

The Case of the Talking Bug (1955)
APA: Playback (1955)
Finalist 1956 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Big Frame (1957)

Tiger on My Back (1960)

Menace (1962)
APA: Journey with a Stranger (1963)

Power Play (1965)
Finalist 1966 Gold Dagger Award

Ordeal (1976)

Race for the Golden Tide1 (1983)

The Hong Kong Affair1 (1998)

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