Andrew M. Greeley
Father John Blackwood “Blackie” Ryan, a Catholic priest in Chicago, Illinois:

Happy Are the Meek (1985)

Happy Are the Clean of Heart (1986)

Happy Are Those Who Thirst for Justice (1987)

Happy Are the Merciful (1992)

Happy Are the Peace Makers (1993)

Happy Are the Poor in Spirit (1994)

Happy Are Those Who Mourn (1995)

Happy Are the Oppressed (1996)

The Bishop at Sea (1997)

The Bishop and the Three Kings (1998)

The Bishop and the Missing L Train (2000)

The Bishop and the Beggar Girl of St. Germain (2001)

The Bishop in the West Wing (2002)

The Bishop Goes to the University (2003)

The Bishop in the Old Neighborhood (2005)

The Bishop at the Lake (2007)

The Archbishop in Andalusia (2008)

Nuala Anne McGrail, a young Irish immigrant psychic and singer in Chicago, Illinois:

Irish Gold (1994)

Irish Lace (1996)

Irish Whiskey (1998)

Irish Mist (1999)

Irish Eyes (2000)

Irish Love (2001)

Irish Stew! (2002)

Irish Cream (2005)

Irish Crystal (2006)

Irish Linen (2007)

Irish Tiger (2008)

Irish Tweed (2009)


Death in April (1980)

The Cardinal Sins (1981)

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