W.E.B. Griffin
William Edward Butterworth III

Men at War Series, featuring the OSS during World War II:

The Last Heroes (1985)

The Secret Warriors (1986)

The Soldier Spies (1987)

The Fighting Agents (2000)

The Saboteurs1 (2006)

The Double Agents1 (2007)

The Spymasters1 (2012)

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Police Force in the Badge of Honor series:

Men in Blue (1988)

Special Operations (1989)

The Victim (1991)

The Witness (1992)

The Assassin (1992)

The Murderers (1994)

The Investigators (1998)

Final Justice (2003)

The Traffickers1 (2009)

The Vigilantes1 (2010)

The Last Witness1 (2013)

Deadly Assets1 (2015)

Broken Trust1 (2016)

The Attack1 (TBD)

The Honor Bound Series, featuring the OSS in neutral Buenos Aires, Argentina during 1942-43:

Honor Bound (1993)

Blood and Honor (1996)

Secret Honor (2000)

Death and Honor1 (2008)

The Honor of Spies1 (2009)

Victory and Honor1 (2011)

Empire and Honor1 (2012)

Charley Castillo, a Delta Force Major working with the Department of Homeland Security, in the Presidential Agent series:

By the Order of the President (2004)

The Hostage (2006)

The Hunters (2007)

The Shooters (2008)

Black Ops (2008)

Co-authored by W.E.B. Griffin and his son William E. Butterworth IV

The Outlaws (2010)

Covert Warriors (2011)

Hazardous Duty (2013)

Written by Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson

W.E.B. Griffin: Rogue Asset (2021)

Written as William E. Butterworth III

The Hunting Trip (2015)


The Clandestine Operations series, co-authored with son William E. Butterworth IV:

Top Secret (2014)

The Assassination Option (2015)

Curtain of Death (2016)

Death at Nuremberg (2017)

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