Elizabeth Gunn
Jake Hines, a police detective in fictional Rutherford, Minnesota:

Triple Play (1997)

Par Four (1998)

Five Card Stud (2000)

Six-Pound Walleye (2001)

Seventh-Inning Stretch (2002)

Crazy Eights (2005)

McCafferty’s Nine (2007)

The Ten-Mile Trials (2010)

Eleven Little Piggies (2012)

Noontime Follies (2015)

Sarah Burke, a recently divorced police detective, in Tucson, Arizona:

Cool in Tucson (2008)

New River Blues (2009)

Kissing Arizona (2011)

The Magic Line (2012)

Red Man Down (2014)

Denny’s Law (2016)

Alice Adams, a retired schoolteacher who works part-time at the local newspaper in Clark’s Fort, Montana:

Buring Meredith (2018)