Peter Guttridge
Nick Madrid, a freelance journalist:

No Laughing Matter (1997)

A Ghost of a Chance (1998)

Two To Tango (1998)

The Once and Future Con (1999)

Foiled Again (2001)

Cast Adrift (2004)
2006 Lefty Award

Robert Watts, a disgraced chief constable, , and later including detective sergeant Sarah Gilchrist, in mid-1930s Brighton, England, in the Brighton series:

City of Dreadful Night (2010)

The Last King of Brighton (2011)

The Thing Itself (2011)

The Devil’s Moon (2013)

Those Who Feel Nothing (2014)

Swimming with the Dead (2019)

The Lady of the Lake (2020)

True crime:

The Great Train Robbery (2008)

Contraband: The Story of Smugglers, Spivs and Honest Thieves (2010)

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