Peter Guttridge
Nick Madrid, a freelance journalist:

No Laughing Matter (1997)

A Ghost of a Chance (1998)

Two To Tango (1998)

The Once and Future Con (1999)

Foiled Again (2001)

Cast Adrift (2004)
2006 Lefty Award

Robert Watts, a disgraced chief constable, , and later including detective sergeant Sarah Gilchrist, in mid-1930s Brighton, England, in the Brighton series:

City of Dreadful Night (2010)

The Last King of Brighton (2011)

The Thing Itself (2011)

The Devil’s Moon (2013)

Those Who Feel Nothing (2014)

True crime:

The Great Train Robbery (2008)

Contraband: The Story of Smugglers, Spivs and Honest Thieves (2010)

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