Ray Harrison
Raymond Vincent Harrison
Joseph Bragg, a down-to-earth detective sergeant, and James Morton, an upper-crust constable, in 1890s London, England:

French Ordinary Murder (1983)
APA: Why Kill Arthur Potter? (1984)

Death of an Honourable Member (1984)

Deathwatch (1985)

Death of a Dancing Lady (1985)

Counterfeit of Murder (1986)

A Season for Death (1987)

Harvest of Death (1988)

Tincture of Death (1989)

Patently Murder (1990)

Sphere of Death (1990)

Akin to Murder (1992)

Murder in Petticoat Square (1993)

Hallmark of Murder (1995)

Murder by Design (1996)

Facets of Murder (1997)

Draught of Death (1998)