Veronica Heley
Ellie Quicke, a 50-ish widow and amateur sleuth, in the suburbs of London, England:

Murder at the Altar (2000)

Murder by Suicide (2002)

Murder of Innocence (2003)

Murder by Accident (2004)

Murder in the Garden (2004)

Murder by Committee (2005)

Murder by Bicycle (2006)

Murder of Identity (2007)

Murder in the Park (2007)

Murder in House (2009)

Murder by Mistake (2010)

Murder My Neighbour (2011)

Murder in Mind (2012)

Murder with Mercy (2013)

Murder in Time (2014)

Murder by Suspicion (2015)

Murder in Style (2016)

Bea Abbot, recently widowed owner of the Abbot Agency, which specializes in cases where clients want to avoid police involvement, in London, England:

False Charity (2007)

False Picture (2008)

False Step (2008)

False Pretences (2009)

False Money (2010)

False Report (2011)

False Alarm (2012)

False Diamond (2013)

False Impression (2014)

False Wall (2016)

False Fire (2017)