Mick Herron
Zoë Boehm, a 40-something private investigator in Oxford, and Sarah Tucker, in England:

Down Cemetery Road (2003)

The Last Voice You Hear (2004)

Why We Die (2006)

Smoke & Whispers (2009)


Jackson Lamb, overseeing MI-5 agents banished for spectacular failures to Slough House, in London, England:

Slow Horses (2010)
Finalist 2010 Steel Dagger Award

Dead Lions (2013) [review]
2013 Gold Dagger Award
Finalist 2014 Barry Award for Best Thriller

Real Tigers (2016) [review]
Finalist 2016 Gold Dagger Award
Finalist 2016 Steel Dagger Award

Finalist 2017 Macavity Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 2014 Macavity Award for Best Mystery

Spook Street (2017)
Finalist 2017 Gold Dagger Award
Finalist 2017 Steel Dagger Award

London Rules (UK due February 8, 2018)


Reconstruction (2008)

All the Livelong Day and Other Stories (2013) [SS]

Nobody Walks (2015) [review]
Finalist 2015 Steel Dagger Award

This is What Happened (due January 30, 2018)