Joseph Heywood
Grady Service, a Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the Woods Cop series:

Ice Hunter (2001) [review]

Blue Wolf in Green Fire (2002)

Chasing A Blond Moon (2003)

Running Dark (2005)

Strike Dog (2007)

Death Roe (2008)

Shadow of the Wolf Tree (2010)

Force of Blood (2011)

Killing a Cold One (2013)

Hard Ground: Woods Cop Stories (2013) [SS]

Harder Ground: More Woods Cop Stories (2015) [SS]

Buckular Dystrophy (2016)

Lute Bapcat, a former Rough Rider recruited by Theodore Roosevelt in 1913 to become a game warden on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula:

Red Jacket (2012)

Mountains of the Misbegotten (2014)


The Berkut (1987)

The Domino Conspiracy (1992)

The Snowfly1 (2000)

Taxi Dancer (2015)

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