George V. Higgins
Jerry Kennedy, a criminal defense attorney in Boston, Massachusetts:

Kennedy for the Defense (1980)

Penance for Jerry Kennedy (1985)

Defending Billy Ryan (1992)

Sandra Nichols Found Dead (1997)


The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1972)
Finalist 1972 Gold Dagger Award

The Digger's Game (1973)

Cogan's Trade (1975)

The Judgment of Deke Hunter (1976)

A Year or So with Edgar (1979)

The Rat on Fire (1981)

The Patriot Game (1982)

A Choice of Enemies (1984)

Imposters (1986)

Outlaws (1987)

The Sins of The Fathers (1988) [SS]

Wonderful Years, Wonderful Years (1988)

Trust (1989)

Victories (1991)

The Mandeville Talent (1991)

Bomber's Law (1994)

Swan Boats at Four (1995)

A Change of Gravity (1997)

The Agent (1999)

At End of Day (2000)

The Easiest Thing in the World: The Unpublished Fiction of George V. Higgins (2005)