Matt Hilton
Joe Hunter, an ex-counterterrorism operative raised in Manchester, England, now a vigilante for hire in the USA:

Dead Men’s Dust (2009)
Finalist 2010 Thriller Award for Best First Novel

Judgement and Wrath (2009)
APA: Judgment and Wrath (2010)

Slash and Burn (2010)

Cut and Run (2010)

Blood and Ashes (2011)

Dead Men’s Harvest (2011)

No Going Back (2012)

Rules of Honour (2013)

The Lawless Kind (2014)

The Devil’s Anvil (2015)

No Safe Place (2016)

Marked for Death (2017) [ebook]

Tess Grey, a private investigator, and her partner Nicolas “Po” Villere, in Portland, Maine:

Blood Tracks (2016)

Painted Skins (2016)

Raw Wounds (2017)

Worst Fear (2017)


Dominion (2011)

Darkest Hour (2011)

One Twisted Voice (2012) [ebook SS]

The Shadows Call (2014)

Preternatural (2014)

Tempus (2015) [ebook]