Kay Hooper
Hagen, a government agent in the USA:

In Serena’s Web (1987)

Raven on the Wing (1987)

Rafferty’s Wife (1987)

Zach’s Law (1987)

The Fall of Lucas Kendrick (1988)

Unmasking Kelsey (1988)

Outlaw Derek (1988)

Shades of Gray (1988)

Captain’s Paradise (1988)

It Takes a Thief (1989)

Aces High (1989)

Lane Montana, a finder of lost things, and Trey Fortier, a homicide detective, in Atlanta, Georgia:

Crime of Passion (1991)

House of Cards (1991)
Finalist 1992 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

  Psychic FBI agents and investigators working for Bishop, a FBI Special Crimes Unit:

Stealing Shadows1 (2000)

Hiding in the Shadows1 (2000)

Out of the Shadows1 (2000)

Touching Evil2 (2001)

Whisper of Evil2 (2002)

Sense of Evil2 (2003)

Hunting Fear3 (2004)

Chill of Fear3 (2005)

Sleeping with Fear3 (2006)

Blood Dreams4 (2007)

Blood Sins4 (2008)

Blood Ties4 (2010)

Haven (2012)

Hostage (2013)

Haunted (2014)

Fear the Dark (2015)

Wait for Dark (2017)

The Bishop Files, a companion series to the Bishop Special Crimes Unit series:

The First Prophet (2012)

A Deadly Web (2015)

The Quinn/Thief series:

Once a Thief (2002)

Always a Thief (2003)

Non-series books of romantic suspense:

Amanda (1995)

After Caroline (1996)

Finding Laura (1997)

Haunting Rachel (1998)