Graham Hurley
Joe Faraday, a detective inspector in Portsmouth, England, recently promoted to the elite Major Crimes Team:

Turnstone (2000)

The Take (2001)

Angels Passing (2002)

Deadlight (2003)

Cut to Black (2004)

Blood and Honey (2006)

One Under (2007)
Finalist 2008 Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel

The Price of Darkness (2008)

No Lovelier Death (2009)

Beyond Reach (2010)

Borrowed Light (2010)

Happy Days (2012)

Jimmy Suttle, a detective sergeant fleeing the urban crime of Portsmouth to join the Major Crimes unit in Dartmoor, in the West Country of England:

Western Approaches (2012)

Touching Distance (2013)

The Sins of the Father (2014)

The Order of Things (2015)

Wars Within, thrillers set in World War II:

Finisterre (2016)

Aurore (2017)


Rules of Engagement (1990)

Reaper (1991)

The Devil’s Breath (1993)

Thunder in the Blood (1994)

Sabbathman (1995)

The Perfect Soldier (1996)

Heaven’s Light (1997)

Nocturne (1998)

Permissible Limits (1999)

The Chop1 (2008)

The Ghosts of 20121 (2009)