(Before 476)
Anna Apostolou (Paul Doherty)
  • Amerotke: Chief Judge in Thebes, Egypt
  • Alexander the Great
  • The Egyptian Mysteries
  • The Ancient Rome Mysteries

Albert Bell
  • Pliny the Younger: wealthy young aristocrat in 1st century Rome

Philip Boast
  • Septimus Severus Quistus Quistus: Roman adventurer in the first century, in the time of Nero

Gary Corby
  • Nicolaos: investigator in classical Athens, beginning in 461 BCE
Lindsey Davis
  • Marcus Didius Falco: an “informer” for Emperor Vespasian in 1st century Rome
  • Flavia Albia: adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco, born in Britain, working as a private investigator during the reign of Emperor Domitian, in ancient Rome

Margaret Doody
  • Aristotle, the philosopher, and Stephanos, a former student, in 330s BCE Athens under the rule of Alexander

Ruth Downie
  • Gaius Petreius Ruso: recently divorced Roman army physician, in second century Roman Britain, in the Roman Empire series

Nick Drake
  • Rai Rahotep: young chief detective in the Thebes Division, in ancient Egypt (14th century BCE)

Jane Finnis
  • Aurelia Marcella: young Roman innkeeper in 1st century Roman Britain

Brad Geagley
  • Semerket: Clerk of Investigations and Secrets in ancient Egypt

Anton Gill
  • Huy the Scribe, during the time of Akhenaten and Tutankhamun in the 18th Dynasty around 1350 BCE, in ancient Egypt

Lauren Haney
  • Lieutenant Bak: ex-charioteer, head of the Medjay police, in ancient Egypt

Tony Hays
  • Malgwyn ap Cuneglas: one-armed soldier and counselor to Arthur, in 5th century Britain
Albert Noyer
  • Getorius Asterlus: surgeon, and Arcadia Asterlus, his wife, in 5th century Italy

Ben Pastor
  • Aelius Spartianus: former soldier, now historian to Diocletian, in early 4th century Rome

John Maddox Roberts
  • Decius Cecilius Metellus: would-be playboy son of an illustrious family, in the SPQR historical mysteries

Lynda S. Robinson
  • Lord Meren: chief investigator for Pharaoh Tutankhamun in ancient Egypt

Rosemary Rowe
  • Libertus: mosaicist and an expert in puzzles and patterns, living in the ancient Roman town of Glevum (now Gloucester), England

Steven Saylor
  • Gordianus the Finder: private investigator in the 1st century BCE in Rome, Italy

Kelli Stanley
  • Arcturus: the Roman governor’s doctor and investigator, in 83 AD Londinium, Britain

Marilyn Todd
  • Claudia Seferius: vineyard owner in 1st century Rome, Italy
  • Iliona: high priestess blackmailed into spying for Sparta, in 5th century BCE Greece

David Wishart
  • Marcus Corvinus: member of the Senatorial class in 1st century Rome

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