Loretta Jackson & Vickie Britton
sisters Loretta Smallman Jackson [1937-] & Vickie Smallman Britton [1956-]
Ardis Cole, an archaeologist working in Egypt [co-written]:

The Curse of Senmut (2011)

Unmarked Grave (2011)

The Crimson Masquerade (2011) [audio only]

Murder and the Monalet Ruby (2011) [audio only]

The Destruction of Neva (2011) [audio only]

The Pirated Emerald (2011)

Killer of Eagles (2011) [audio only]

Consider Me Dead (2011) [audio only]

Arla Vaughn, an archaeology professor at Chicago University, in the Pre-Columbian Treasure series [co-written]:

The Mayan Mask of Death (2011)

The Lost City of the Condor (2012)

Jeff McQuede, a sheriff in Wyoming, in the High Country mysteries [co-written]:

A Deal on a Handshake (2010) [SS]

Murder in Black and White (2011)

Whispers of the Stones (2012)

Stealer of Horses (2012)

Non-series [co-written except as noted]:

Path of the Jaguar (1989)

Nightmare In Morocco (1989)

The Seven Sapphires of Mardi Gras1 (1991)

The Dangerous Cliffs of Severon1 (1994)

Artic Legacy (1999)

The Viking Crown (1999)

The Devil’s Gate (2000)

The Bloody Knife (2003)

No Longer Drifting (2003)

Danger Crossed Moments (2003)

Death Blow (2004)

Bitter Melody (2004)

Flames of Deceit2 (2006)

Stone of Vengeance (2008)

Luck of the Draw western series [co-written]:

The Devil’s Game (2008)

The Fifth Ace (2009)

The Wild Card (2009)

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