Linda O. Johnston
Kendra Ballantyne, an attorney and freelance pet sitter in Los Angeles, California:

Sit, Stay, Slay (2005)

Nothing To Fear but Ferrets (2005)

Fine-Feathered Death (2006)

Meow Is for Murder (2007)

The Fright of the Iguana (2007)

Double Dog Dare (2008)

Never Say Sty (2009)

Howl Deadly (2009)

Feline Fatale (2010)

Lauren Vancouver, head of HotRescues, a no-kill animal shelter, north of Los Angeles, California, in the Pet Rescue mysteries:

Beaglemania (2011)

The More the Terrier (2011)

Hounds Abound (2012)

Oodles of Poodles (2013)

Nonstop Spaniels (2013) [ebook novella]

Teacup Turbulence (2014)

Rory Chasen, and her dog Pluckie, managing a pet shop in the town Destiny, where superstitious beliefs are a way of life, in the Superstition mysteries:

Lost Under a Ladder (2014)

Knock on Wood (2015)

Unlucky Charms (2016)

Carrie Kennersly, a veterinary technician running a dog treat store, the Barkery, in the Barkery & Biscuits mysteries:

Bite the Biscuit (2015)

To Catch a Treat (2016)

Bad to the Bone (2017)

Pick & Chews (2018)

For a Good Paws (2019)

Non-series books of romantic suspense:

Alias Mommy (2000)

Marriage: Classified (2001)

Operation: Reunited (2002)

Tommy’s Mom (2002)

Special Agent Nanny (2003)

Guardian of Her Heart (2004)

Lawful Engagement (2004)

Not a Moment Too Soon (2004)

Back to Life (2009)

Undercover Soldier (2012)

Covert Attraction (2013)

Covert Alliance (2016)

Written as Lark O. Jensen
Stacie Calder, a tour boat guide in Alaska, in the Alaska Untamed mysteries:

Bear Witness (2022)

Cry Wolf (2023)

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