Paul Johnston
Quintilian Dalrymple, a private investigator in 2020s Edinburgh, Scotland:

Body Politic (1997)
1997 New Blood Dagger Award

The Bone Yard (1998)

Water of Death (1999)

The Blood Tree (2000)

House of Dust (2001)

Head or Hearts (2015)

Skeleton Blues (2016)

Impolitic Corpses (2019)

Alex Mavros, a half-Greek, half-Scottish private investigator in Greece:

A Deeper Shade of Blue (2002)
APA: Crying Blue Murder (2009)

The Last Red Death (2003)

The Golden Silence (2004)

The Silver Stain (2012)

The Green Lady (2012)

The Black Life (2013)

The White Sea (2014)

Matt Wells, a British crime writer caught up in a web of intrigue, murder, satanism, and mind control:

The Death List (2007)
Finalist 2008 Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel

The Soul Collector (2008)

Maps of Hell (2010)

The Nameless Dead (2011)

Written as Sam Alexander

Carnal Acts (2014)


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