Firefighters & Arson Investigators

Suzanne Chazin
  • Georgia Skeehan: rookie fire marshal in New York City

J.J. Cook (Joyce & Jim Lavene)
  • Stella Griffin: a former Chicago fire fighter, now the fire chief for Sweet Pepper, Tennessee, along with the ghost of former fire chief Eric Gamlyn, in the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade mysteries

Earl Emerson
  • Mac Fontana: ex-firefighter and arson investigator in Staircase, Washington

Nancy Baker Jacobs
  • Susan Kim Delancey: the Governor’s Special Assistant for Arson Investigations in California,

Shelly Reuben
  • Billy Nightingale: arson investigator, and state trooper Sebastian Bly
  • Wylie Nolan: arson investigator, and attorney Max Bramble
  • Fritillary “Tilly” Quilter: arson investigator, and Isaac “Ike” Blessing, a private detective, in New York Cit

Kathryn O’Sullivan
  • Colleen McCabe: fire chief and amateur sleuth, in the small town of Corolla, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Kate Wilhelm
  • Charlie Meiklejohn: ex-arson investigator P.I., and Constance Leidl, a psychologist, in New York

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