Jimmy Fox
  • Nick Herald: professional genealogist in New Orleans, Louisiana

Jonathan Harrington
  • Danny O’Flaherty: American teacher researching his family’s roots in Ireland, and in New York City

Charlotte Hinger
  • Lottie Albright: editor for the county historical society in a small town in western Kansas
E.L. Larken
  • Demary Jones: owner of Confidential Research, specializing in genealogy and historical research, in Seattle, Washington

Rett MacPherson
  • Victory (Torie) O’Shea: genealogist in New Kassel, Missouri

Fiona Mountain
  • Natasha Blake: genealogist in the Cotswolds, in England

Fay Sampson
  • Suzie Fewings: genealogist discovering interesting secrets in her family history, in England

Patricia Sprinkle
  • Katharine Murray, who finds strange events in the past in the Family Tree mysteries

Gene Stratton
  • Mort Sinclair: respected genealogist and lawyer on Fogge Island off the New England Coast

Dan Waddell
  • Nigel Barnes: genealogist working with Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster, in London, England

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