Dan Kavanagh
Julian Barnes
Nick Duffy, a bisexual ex-cop turned private investigator, in London, England:

Duffy (1980)

Fiddle City (1981)
Finalist 1981 Gold Dagger Award

Putting the Boot In (1985)

Going to the Dogs (1987)

Julian Barnes

Non-series crime fiction:

Arthur and George (2005) [review]


Other fiction:

Metroland (1980)

Before She Met Me (1982)

Flaubert’s Parrot (1984)

Staring at the Sun (1986)

A History of the World In 10-1/2 Chapters (1989) [connected SS]

Talking It Over (1991)

The Porcupine (1992)

Cross Channel (1996) [SS]

England, England (1998)

Love, etc (2000) [sequel to Talking It Over]

The Lemon Table (2004) [SS]

Pulse (2011) [SS]

The Sense of an Ending (2011)