M.M. Kaye
Mary Margaret Kaye
The “Death in…” series:

Death Walked in Kashmir (1953)
APA: Death in Kashmir2 (1984)

Death Walked in Berlin (1955)
APA: Death in Berlin1 (1983)

Death Walked in Cyprus (1956)
APA: Death in Cyprus1, 3 (1984)

Later Than You Think (1958)4
APA: It’s Later Than You Think (1960)
APA: Death in Kenya1, 3(1983)

The House of Shade (1959)
APA: Death in Zanzibar2, 3(1983)

Night on the Island (1960)
APA: Death in the Andamans2 (1985)

Six Bars at Seven (1940) [written as Mollie Kaye]

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