Mary Kelly
Mary Theresa Coolican Kelly
Brett Nightingale, a detective inspector (later chief inspector), in Edinburgh, Scotland:

A Cold Coming (1956)

Dead Man’s Riddle (1957)

The Christmas Egg (1958)

Hedley Nicholson, a private investigator in England:

The Spoilt Kill (1961)
1961 Gold Dagger Award

Due to a Death (1962)
APA: The Dead of Summer (1963)


March to the Gallows (1964)
Finalist 1964 Gold Dagger Award

Dead Corse (1966)
Finalist 1966 Gold Dagger Award

Write on Both Sides of the Paper (1969)
Finalist 1969 Gold Dagger Award

The Twenty-Fifth Hour (1971)

That Girl in the Alley (1974)

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