Baynard Kendrick
Baynard Hardwick Kendrick
Captain Duncan Maclain, blinded by gas in WWI, working as a detective, assisted by his wife Rena, and Spud Savage, in New York City:

The Last Express (1937)

The Whistling Hangman (1937)

The Odor of Violets (1941)

Blind Man's Bluff (1943)

Death Knell (1945)

Out of Control (1945)

Make Mine Maclain [SS] (1947)

You Die(t) Today (1952)

Blind Allies (1954)

Reservations for Death (1957)

Clear and Present Danger (1958)

The Aluminum Turtle (1960)
APA: The Spear Gun Murders (1961)

Frankincense and Murder (1961)

Miles Standish Rice, a deputy sheriff in Florida:

The Iron Spiders (1936)

The Eleven of Diamonds (1936)

Death beyond the Go-Thru (1938)


Blood on Lake Louisa (1934)

The Tunnel (1949)

Hot Red Money (1959)

Flight from a Firing Wall (1966)

Written as Richard Hayward:

Trapped (1952)

The Soft Arms of Death (1955)

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