Gordon Kent
Kenneth M. Cameron [1931-] & Christian Cameron [1962-]
Alan Craik, a young USA Navy Intelligence officer on assignments around the world:

Rules of Engagement (1998)
APA: Night Trap (1999)

Peace Maker (2001)

Top Hook (2002)

Hostile Contact (2003)

Force Protection (2004)

Damage Control (2005)

The Spoils of War (2006)

The Falconer’s Tale (2008)  
Written by Kenneth Cameron
Denton, an expatriate U.S. Civil War veteran and former frontier sheriff turned novelist, in turn of the 20th century London, England:

The Frightened Man (2009)

The Bohemian Girl (2009)

The Second Woman (2010)

The Haunted Martyr (2013)

The Backward Boy (2013)

The Past Master (2013) [ebook]

The Oxford Fellow (2013) [ebook]

Written by Kenneth Cameron

Winter at Death’s Hotel (2012) [review]


Kenneth M. Cameron, writing as George Bartram

Fair Game (1973)

A Job Abroad (1975)

The Aelian Fragment (1976)

White Peril (1977)

The Sunset Gun (1983)

Under the Freeze (1984)

Master of Secrets (1987)

The Sun Is Bleeding (1989)

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