Michael Kenyon
Superintendent O’Malley, of the Irish Garda:

The 100,000 Welcomes (1971)

The Shooting of Dan McGrew (1972)

A Sorry State (1974)

The Elgar Variation1 (1980)
APA: Zigzag (1981)

Henry Peckover, a police inspector and the Scotland Yard Cockney poet, in London, England:

The Elgar Variation2 (1980)
APA: Zigzag (1981)

The Man at the Wheel (1982)
APA: The God Squad Bod (1982)

A Free-Range Wife (1986)

A Healthy Way to Die (1986)

Peckover Holds the Baby (1988)

Kill the Butler! (1991)

Peckover Joins the Choir (1992)

Peckover and the Bog Man (1995)


May You Die in Ireland (1965)
Finalist 1965 Gold Dagger Award

The Trouble with Series Three (1967)
APA: The Whole Hog (1967)

Out of Season (1968)

Green Grass (1969)

Mr. Big3 (1975)

The Rapist3 (1977)

The Molehill File (1978)
APA: Deep Pocket (1978)