Kate Kingsbury
Doreen Roberts Hight
Cecily Sinclair, Edwardian hotel owner in Badger’s End, England, in the Pennyfoot Hotel mysteries:

Room with a Clue (1993)

Do Not Disturb (1994)

Service for Two (1994)

Eat, Drink and Be Buried (1994)

Check-Out Time (1995)

Grounds for Murder (1995)

Pay the Piper (1996)

Chivalry Is Dead (1996)

Ring for Tomb Service (1997)

Death with Reservations (1998)

Dying Room Only (1998)

Maid to Murder (1999)

No Clue at the Inn (2003)

Slay Bells (2006)

Shrouds of Holly (2007)

Ringing in Murder (2008)

Decked with Folly (2009)

Mistletoe and Mayhem (2010)

Herald of Death (2011)

The Clue Is in the Pudding (2012)

Mulled Murder (2013)

A Merry Murder (2019)

Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton, in Sitting Marsh, England during WWII, in the Manor House mysteries:

A Bicycle Built for Murder (2001)

Death Is in the Air (2001)

For Whom Death Tolls (2002)

Dig Deep for Murder (2002)

Paint by Murder (2003)

Berried Alive (2004)

Fire When Ready (2004)

Wedding Rows (2006)

An Unmentionable Murder (2006)

Melanie West, after a messy divorce, running a B&B with her grandmother at a purportedly haunted mansion on the Oregon coast, in the Merry Ghost Inn mysteries:

Dead and Breakfast (2017)

Doom with a View (2017)

Be Our Ghost (2018)

Vivian Wainwright, a middle-aged widow running the Misty Bay Tearoom, an English-accented shop on the Oregon coast:

In Hot Water (2021)

In Too Steep (2022)

Written as Rebecca Kent
Meredith Llewellyn, the headmistress of Bellehaven House, a finishing school in the Cotswolds, and her two cohorts, no-nonsense Felicity Cross and timid ex-socialite Esmerelda Pickard, in Edwardian England:

High Marks for Murder (2008)

Finished Off (2009)

Murder Has No Class (2010)

Written as Allison Kingsley
Clara Quinn, returning home from New York City to work in Raven’s Nest Bookstore owned by her cousin Stephanie, in rural Maine:

Mind Over Murder (2011)

A Sinister Sense (2012)

Trouble Vision (2013)

Extra Sensory Deception (2014)

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