Alanna Knight
Inspector Jeremy Faro, a detective in Victorian Edinburgh, Scotland:

Enter Second Murderer1 (1988)

Blood Line1 (1989)

Deadly Beloved1 (1989)

Killing Cousins (1990)

A Quiet Death2 (1991)

To Kill a Queen2 (1992)

The Evil That Men Do2 (1993)

The Missing Duchess3 (1994)

The Bull Slayers3 (1995)

Murder by Appointment (1996)

The Coffin Lane Murders (1998)

The Final Enemy3 (2002)

Unholy Trinity (2004)

Murder in Paradise (2009)

The Seal King Murders (2011)

Murders Most Foul (2013)

Akin to Murder (2016)

Rose McQuinn, Faro’s daughter, returning from the American Wild West to Edinburgh, Scotland:

The Inspector’s Daughter (2000)

Dangerous Pursuits (2002)

An Orkney Murder (2003)

Ghost Walk (2005)

Destroying Angel (2007)

Quest for a Killer (2010)

Deadly Legacy (2012)

The Balmoral Incident (2014)

The Darkness Within (2017)
[1906, includes Inspector Faro]

Murder Lies Waiting (2018)

Tam Eildor, mystery-solving historical time-traveller:

The Dagger in the Crown (2001)

The Gowrie Conspiracy (2003)

The Stuart Sapphire: Murder in the Regency Brighton (2005)


The Sweet Cheat Gone (1992)

This Outward Angel (1993)

Angel Eyes (1998)

In the Shadow of the Minster (2002)