Kathleen Moore Knight
Elisha Macomber, the 70-something Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of Penberthy Township, and proprietor of a fish market, in fictional Penberthy Island, Massachusetts:

Death Blew Out the Match (1935)

The Clue of the Poor Man’s Shilling (1936)
APA: The Poor Man’s Shilling (1947)

The Wheel That Turned (1936)
APA: Murder Greets Jean Holton (1942)

Seven Were Veiled (1937)
APA: Seven Were Suspect (1942)
APA: Death Wears a Bridal Veil (1943)

Acts of Black Night (1938)

The Tainted Token (1938)
APA: The Case of the Tainted Token (1943)

Death Came Dancing (1940)

The Trouble at Turkey Hill (1946)

Footbridge to Death (1947)

Bait for Murder (1948)

The Bass Derby Murder (1949)

Death Goes to a Reunion (1952)

Valse Macabre (1952)

Akin to Murder (1953)

Three of Diamonds (1953)

Beauty Is a Beast (1959)

Margot Blair, a partner in a public relations firm:

Rendezvous with the Past (1940)

Exit a Star (1941)

Terror by Twilight (1942)

Design in Diamonds (1944)


Bells for the Dead (1942)

Trademark of a Traitor (1943)

Intrigue for Empire (1944)
APA: Murder for Empire (1944) [abridged]

Port of Seven Strangers (1945)

Stream Sinister (1945)

The Blue Horse of Taxco (1947)

Birds of Ill Omen (1948)

Dying Echo (1949)

The Silent Partner (1950)

High Rendezvous (1954)

The Robineau Look (1955)
APA: The Robineau Murders (1956)

They’re Going To Kill Me (1955) [also written as Alan Amos (1956)]

Fatal Harvest (1957) [also written as Alan Amos (1958)]

A Cry in the Jungle (1958)

Invitation to Vengeance (1960)

Written as Alan Amos
Pray for a Miracle (1941)
APA: Jungle Murder (194?)2

Borderline Murder (1947)

Panic in Paradise (1951)

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