Jayne Ann Krentz
Zoe Luce, a psychic interior decorator in Whispering Springs, Arizona:

Light in Shadow (2002)

Truth or Dare (2003)

Arcane Society, a secret organization devoted to paranormal research:

Second Sight1 (2006)

White Lies (2007)

Sizzle and Burn (2007)

The Third Circle1 (2008)

Running Hot (2008)

The Perfect Poison1 (2009)

Fired Up2 (2009)

Burning Lamp1,2 (2010)

Midnight Crystal2,3 (2010)

In Too Deep4 (2011)

Quicksilver1,4 (2011)

Canyons of Night3,4 (2011)

The Fogg Lake romantic suspense trilogy:

The Vanishing (2020)


Lost and Found (2001)

Smoke in Mirrors (2002)

Afterglow (2004)

All Night Long (2006)

River Road (2014)

Trust No One (2015)

Secret Sisters (2015)

When All The Girls Have Gone (2016)

Promise Not To Tell (2018)

Untouchable (2019)

Written as Jayne Castle
Guinevere Jones, an office temps business owner, and private detective Zachariah Justis, in Seattle, Washington:

The Desperate Game (1986)

The Chilling Deception (1986)

The Sinister Touch (1986)

The Fatal Fortune (1986)

Written as Amanda Quick
Lavinia Lake and Tobias March, lovers and partners-in-crime investigators in Regency London, England:

Slightly Shady (2001)

Don’t Look Back (2002)

Late for the Wedding (2003)

Written as Amanda Quick
The Ladies of Lantern Street series:

Crystal Gardens (2012)

The Mystery Woman (2013)

Dark and dangerous secrets at the exclusive 1930s Hollywood refuge in the seaside community of Burning Cove, California:

The Girl Who Knew Too Much (2017)

The Other Lady Vanishes (2018)

Written as Amanda Quick
Regency romantic suspense and other non-series:

Seduction (1990)

Surrender (1990)

Scandal (1991)

Rendezvous (1991)

Ravished (1992)

Reckless (1992)

Deception (1993)

Desire (1993)

Dangerous (1993)

Mistress (1994)

Mystique (1995)

Mischief (1996)

Affair (1997)

With This Ring (1998)

I Thee Wed (1999)

Wicked Widow (2000)

The Paid Companion (2004)

Lie by Moonlight (2005)

The River Knows (2007)

Otherwise Engaged (2014)

Garden of Lies (2015)

Til Death Do Us Part (2016)

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