Ed Lacy
Leonard S. Zinberg
Dave Wintino, a brash new cop in New York City:

Lead with Your Left (1957)

Double Trouble (1964)

Toussaint Moore, a black postal worker turned private detective:

Room to Swing (1957)
1958 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Moment of Untruth (1964)

Lee Hayes, a black police detective in New York City:

Harlem Underground (1965)

In Black & Whitey (1967)


The Woman Aroused (1951)

Sin in Their Blood (1952)
APA: Death in Passing (1959)

Strip for Violence (1953)

Route 13, as Steve April (1954)

Enter Without Desire (1954)

Go for the Body (1954)

The Best That Ever Did It (1955)
APA: Visa to Death (1956)

The Men from the Boys (1956)

Breathe No More, My Lady (1958)

Devil for the Witch (1958)

Be Careful How You Live (1958)
APA: Dead End (1960)

Shakedown for Murder (1958)

Blonde Bait (1959)

The Big Fix (1960)

A Deadly Affair (1960)

Bugged for Murder (1961)

The Freeloaders (1961)

South Pacific Affair (1961)

The Sex Castle (1963)
APA: Shoot it Again (1969)

Two Hot to Handle (1963) [SS]

Pity the Honest (1964)

The Napalm Bugle (1968)

The Big Bust (1969)