Deryn Lake
Dinah Lampitt
John Rawlings, an apothecary and associate of John Fielding, mostly in 18th century London, England:

Death in the Dark Walk (1994)

Dead at the Beggar’s Opera (1995)

Death at the Devil’s Tavern (1996)

Death in the Romney Marsh (1998)

Death in the Peerless Pool (1999)

Death at Apothecaries’ Hall (2000)

Death in the West Wind (2001)

Death at St. James’s Palace (2002)

Death in the Valley of Shadows (2003)

Death in the Setting Sun (2005)

Death and the Cornish Fiddler (2006)

Death in Hellfire (2007)

Death and the Black Pyramid (2009)

Death at the Wedding Feast (2011)

Death on the Rocks (2014)

Death at the Boston Tea Party (2016)

Reverend Nick Lawrence, the new, 28-year-old vicar, in the village of Lakehurst, Sussex, England:

The Mills of God (2010)

Dead on Cue (2012)

The Moonlit Door (2014)


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