Bette Golden Lamb & J.J. Lamb
Bette Golden Lamb [1935-2019] & James Joseph Lamb [1931-2022]
Gina Mazzio, a registered nurse at Ridgewood General Hospital, in San Francisco, California:

Bone Dry (2010)

Sin & Bone (2012)

Bone Pit (2013)

Bone of Contention (2014)

Bone of Contention (2014)

Bone Dust (2015)

Bone Crack (2016)

Bone Slice (2017)

Bone Point (2018)


Heir Today... (2005)

Sisters in Silence (2011)

The Killing Vote (2015)

Written by J.J. Lamb
Zachariah Tobias Rolfe III, a private investigator specializing in gambling-related crimes, based in Las Vegas, Nevada:

A Nickel Jackpot (1976)

The Chinese Straight (1976)

Losers Take All (1979)

No Pat Hands (2013)
Finalist 2014 Shamus Award for Best Indie PI Novel

Written by Bette Golden Lamb
Non-series thrillers:

The Organ Harvesters (2014)

The Russian Girl (2018)

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