Rob Leininger
Robert Leininger
Gabrielle Johns, an ex-showgirl, playing backroom poker and working for her father, a private investigator, in Reno, Nevada:

January Cold Kill (2014)

Mortimer Angel, an ex-IRS investigator and private-eye-in-training, in Reno, Nevada:

Gumshoe (2015) [review]
Finalist 2016 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Gumshoe for Two (2017)

Gumshoe on the Loose (2018)

Non-series mysteries and thrillers:

Black Sun (1991)
APA: Sunspot (revised & updated 2014)

Richter Ten (2014)

Killing Suki Flood (2014)

Maxwell’s Demon (2015)

A Confederacy of Snakes (2015)

Other fiction:

The Tenderfoot (revised ed. 2014)

Olongapo Liberty (2014)

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