Michael Lister
John Jordan, a prison chaplain at the Potter Correctional Institution in north Florida:

Power in the Blood (1997)

Blood of the Lamb (2004)

Flesh and Blood (2006) [SS, some criminous]

The Body and the Blood (2010)

Blood Sacrifice (2012)

Rivers to Blood (2014)

Innocent Blood (2015) [prequel]

Blood Money (2015)

Blood Cries (2016) [prequel #2]

Blood Oath (2016)

Blood Work (2017)

Cold Blood (2017)

Blood Shot (2017)

Blood Trail (2018)

Bloodshed (2018)

And the Sea Became Blood (2019)

Jimmy Riley, now working as a private detective in 1940s Panama City, Florida, after losing an arm while on the police force:

The Big Goodbye (2011)

The Big Beyond (2013)

The Big Hello (2014)

The Big Bout (2015)

The Big Blast (2016)

Merrick McKnight, a former newspaper reporter, later the police chief in Wewathitcha, Florida:

Thunder Beach (2010)

A Certain Retribution (2014)


Double Exposure (2009)

Burnt Offerings (2012)

Separation Anxiety (2013)

Cataclysmos (2016)

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