Joan Lock
Ernest Best, a detective sergeant, later inspector, starting in 1870s London, England:

Dead Image (2000)

Dead Born (2001)

Dead Letters (2003)

Dead End (2004)

Dead Fall (2005)

Dead Loss (2005)

Dead Centre (2008)


Death in Perspective (2001)

Non-fiction and biography:

Lady Policeman (1968)

British Policewoman: Her Story (1979)

Marlborough Street: The Story of a London Court (1980)

Tales from Bow Street (1982)

Blue Murder?: Policemen Under Suspicion (1986)

Dreadful Deeds and Awful Murders: Scotland Yard’s First Detectives, 1829-78 (1990)

Scotland Yard’s Casebook: Making of the CID, 1865-1935 (1993)

Famous Prisons (2002) [YA]

Famous Trials (2003) [YA]

Scotland Yard’s First Cases (2011)

The Princess Alice Disaster (2013)