Norah Lofts
Norah Ethel Robinson Lofts

Michael and All Angels (1943)
APA: The Golden Fleece (1944)

Jassy (1944)

Lovers All Untrue (1970)

Charlotte (1972)
APA: Out of the Dark (1972)

Checkmate (1975)

The Claw (1981)

Written as Peter Curtis

Dead March in Three Keys (1940)
[also written as Norah Lofts 1970]
APA: The Bride of Moat House (1969)

You’re Best Alone (1943)

Lady Living Alone (1945)

No Question of Murder (1940)

The Devil’s Own (1960)
APA: The Witches (1966)
APA: The Little Wax Doll (1970) [also written as Norah Lofts 1971]
Finalist 1961 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Written as Juliet Astley

The Fall of Midas (1975)

Copsi Castle (1978)