Richard A. Lupoff
Hobart Lindsey, an insurance claims adjuster for valuable collectibles, and Marvia Plum, a black homicide detective, in Berkeley, California:

The Comic Book Killer (1988)

The Classic Car Killer (1992)

The Bessie Blue Killer (1994)

The Sepia Siren Killer (1994)

The Cover Girl Killer (1995)

The Silver Chariot Killer (1996)

The Radio Red Killer1 (1997)

One Murder at a Time (2001) [SS]

The Emerald Cat Killer (2010)


The Triune Man (1976)

Before 12:01 P.M. and After (1996) [SS, some criminous]

Quintet: The Cases of Chase and Delacroix (2008) [SS]

Killer’s Dozen: Thirteen Mystery Tales (2010) [SS]

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