Gavin Lyall
Harry Maxim, a Special Services major, assigned to 10 Downing Street in London, England:

The Secret Servant (1980)

The Conduct of Major Maxim (1982)
Finalist 1982 Gold Dagger Award

The Crocus List (1985)

Uncle Target (1988)

The activity of the first (pre-World War I) “official” department of intelligence of the British Foreign Office:

Spy’s Honour (1993)

Flight from Honour (1996)

All Honourable Men (1997)

Honourable Intentions (2000)


The Wrong Side of the Sky (1961)

The Most Dangerous Game (1964)
Runner-up 1964 Gold Dagger Award

Midnight Plus One (1965)

Shooting Script (1966)

Venus with Pistol (1969)

Blame the Dead (1973)
Finalist 1972 Gold Dagger Award

Judas Country (1975)

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