CJ Lyons
Cathryn J. Lyons
An ensemble cast medical suspense series — emergency room doctor Lydia Fiore, medical student Amanda Mason, resident Gina Freeman, and nurse Nora Halloran — at Angels of Mercy Medical Center, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

Lifelines (2008)

Warning Signs (2009)

Urgent Care (2009)

Critical Condition (2010)

Lucy Guardino, an FBI Supervisory Special Agent in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the Beacon Falls series:

Snake Skin (2010)

Blood Stained (2012)

Kill Zone (2012)

After Shock (2014)

Hard Fall (2014)
2015 Thriller Award for Best E-book Original

Bad Break (2015)

Last Light (2016)

Dr. Cassandra Hart, an emergency room physician, and detective Mickey Drake, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

Nerves of Steel (2011)

Sleight of Hand (2011)

Face to Face (2011)

The Shadow Ops thrillers:

Chasing Shadows (2012)

Lost in Shadows (2012)

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Caitlyn Tierney:

Blind Faith (2010)
2013 Thriller Award for Best E-Book

Black Sheep (2013)

Hollow Bones (2013)


Lucidity (2010)

Rock Bottom (2011)
[written with Erin Brockovich]

Hot Water (2011)
[written with Erin Brockovich]

Borrowed Time (2011)

Broken (2013) [YA]

Farewell to Dreams (2014)

Fight Dirty (2014)

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