Donald MacKenzie
Henry Chalice and Crying Eddie, in England:

Salute from a Dead Man (1966)

Death Is a Friend (1967)

Sleep Is for the Rich (1971)

John Raven, a tough Scotland Yard detective inspector, later an unlicensed private investigator living on a houseboat, mostly in England:

Zaleski’s Percentage (1974)

Raven in Flight (1976)

Raven and the Ratcatcher1 (1977)

Raven and the Kamikaze (1977)

Raven Settles a Score1 (1978)

Raven Feathers His Nest (1979)
APA: Raven After Dark (1979)

Raven and the Paperhangers (1980)

Raven’s Revenge1 (1982)

Raven’s Longest Night (1983)

Raven’s Shadow (1984)

Nobody Here by That Name (1986)

A Savage State of Grace (1988)

By Any Illegal Means (1989)

Loose Cannon (1991)

The Eyes of the Goat (1992)

The Sixth Deadly Sin (1993)


Nowhere To Go (1956)
APA: Manhunt (1957)

The Juryman (1957)

Scent of Danger (1958)
APA: Moment of Danger (1959)

Dangerous Silence (1960)

Knife Edge (1961)

The Genial Stranger (1962)

Double Exposure (1963)
APA: I, Spy (1964)

Cool Sleeps Balaban (1964)

The Lonely Side of the River (1965)

Three Minus Two (1968)
APA: The Quiet Killer (1968)
Finalist 1968 Gold Dagger Award

Dead Straight (1969)

Night Boat from Puerto Vedra (1970)

The Kyle Contract (1971)
APA: The Chalice Caper (1974)

Postscript to a Dead Letter (1973)

The Spreewald Collection (1975)

Deep, Dark, and Dead (1978)

The Last of the Boatriders (1981)

Crime biography:

Occupation: Thief (1955)
APA: Fugitives (1955)

Gentleman at Crime (1956)