Molly MacRae
Kath Rutledge, a textile preservationist, inheriting her grandmother’s wool shop, along with a depressed ghost, in fictional Blue Plum, Tennessee, in the Haunted Yarn Shop series:

Last Wool and Testament (2012)

Dyeing Wishes (2013)

Spinning in Her Grave (2014)

Plagued By Quilt (2014)

Knot the Usual Suspects (2015)

Crewel and Unusual (2019)

Four women — Janet Marsh, a former librarian from Illinois, her daughter Tallie, a burned-out lawyer, Summer Jacobs, a former reporter, and Christine Robertson — who have just bought Yon Bonnie Books in Inversgail, Scotland, in the Highland Bookshop mysteries:

Plaid and Plagiarism (2016)

Scones and Scoundrels (2018)

Thistles and Thieves (2020)

Heather and Homicide (2020)

Argyles and Arsenic (2022)


Wilder Rumors (2007)

Lawn Order (2011)

My Troubles (2014) [SS]

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